The rules of American roulette

The process of learning how to play American roulette takes only a few minutes. You must first familiarize yourself with the various wager kinds in order to understand the odds and payoff for each wager. Then, just place your wagers, press the spin button, and observe where the ball falls. The game (or the dealer at a casino) will inform you if you’ve won and how much you’ve won if you’ve won.



Playing a free American roulette game initially is an excellent approach to test your knowledge. It is risk-free and will help you learn the game without requiring a financial investment.

Wheel of American roulette


American roulette wheel with a ball

There are a total of 38 pockets.

The pockets are numbered 1 through 36, plus 0 and 00.

1-36 are colored red and black, whereas 0 and 00 are colored green.

What makes the odds and payoff in American roulette unique?

American roulette wheels, unlike those of other variations, have a 0 and a 00 pocket. The inclusion of the 00 pocket increases the house advantage and decreases the odds for players. Despite this, the game remains quite popular and a favorite in many casinos.


The table below describes the odds and payouts for the various wagers. For instance, if you bet on a column, there is a 31.6% probability that you would win. With a $1 wager, you would earn $2 in addition to your $1 stake.


The house edge is a percentage that indicates how much more likely it is for the casino to win than the player.

American roulette system and guidelines


1 Observe the perimeter of the dwelling

There is no way around the reality that the house edge in American roulette is huge. Sticking to outer wagers (such as red/black and even/odd) is a less dangerous strategy.


2 Enjoy free gaming

Why not practice American roulette for free before placing a real-money wager? Choose from the abundance of free online roulette games and see how you fare.


3 Test various tactics

Trying out several roulette methods is a fantastic method for managing your cash. There is no assurance that any of the ideas will be successful, but they can make your money stretch farther! Visit our article on roulette techniques to learn which is ideal for you.


4 Play it safe

The greatest way to enjoy American roulette is in a secure environment. This includes betting just what you can afford to lose, never pursuing losses, and taking frequent rests. If you want further assistance, please visit our responsible gaming site.


Mobile American roulette gameplay

Thanks to the available applications and casinos, you may enjoy American roulette wherever you are. You may choose from hundreds of games whether you own an iPhone, Android, iPad, or any other smartphone. Launch a mobile app or a web-based casino to begin playing immediately.


Playing American roulette on a mobile device or tablet is a great way to play this popular game on the go. Examine the leading mobile casinos to see for yourself.


Free roulette probability chart

With our guide to online roulette bets and odds, you’ll always have the necessary information at hand. Tap to download and save the free PDF to your smartphone.

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